Selection of books on cross-European issues in VET and HRD research

Books related to research in vocational education and training (VET) and human resource development (HRD),
with a focus on transnational issues across Europe


Philipp Eigenmann, Philipp Gonon and Markus Weil (eds). Opening and Extending Vocational Education. Reihe: Studies in Vocational and Continuing Education. Peter Lang 2021 [Details]


Loon, M., Stewart, J. and Nachmias, S. (eds.) (2020). The Future of HRD, Volume I: Innovation and Technology, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan [Details]; Volume II: Change, Disruption and Action, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan [Details]

Pilz, Matthias; Li, Junmin (eds.)Enduring Challenges and New Ways Forward. Series “Comparative Vocational Education Research”, Vol. 7. Springer VS 2020 [Details]

Spöttl, G.; Loose, G.; Becker, M. Work-Process Based Development of Advanced Detailed Curricula. Lang Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Warszawa, Wien 2020 [Details]


Guile, David; Unwin, Lorna. The Wiley Handbook of Vocational Education and Training: A collection of the theories, practices, and policies of vocational education and training written by international experts. Wiley-Blackwell 2019. ISBN: 978-1-119-09872-0 [Details]

Hamlin, Robert G.; Ellinger, Andrea D.; Jones, Jenni. Evidence-Based Initiatives for Organizational Change and Development. IGI Global 2019 [Details]

Heikkinen, Anja; Pätäri, Jenni; Molzberger, Gabriele (eds.). Disciplinary Struggles in Education. Tampere University Press 2019. Available online

Marhuenda Fluixá, Fernando (ed.). The School-Based Vocational Education and Training System in Spain: Achievements and Controversies. Springer (October) 2019 [Details]

Markowitsch, Jörg; Hefler, Günter. Future developments in Vocational Education and Training in Europe. EUR – Scientific and Technical Research Reports. Cedefop 2019 [Details]

Stalder, Barbara E.; Nägele, Christof (eds).Trends in Vocational Education and Training Research, Vol. II. Proceedings of the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER), Vocational Education and Training Network (VETNET). Hamburg, Germany, 3 to 6 September 2019 [Full text]


Bound, Helen; Evans, Karen; Sadik, Sahara; Karmel, Annie. How Non-Permanent Workers Learn and Develop: Challenges and Opportunities, 1st Edition. Routledge 2018 [Details]

Cedefop. Apprenticeship schemes in European countries: a cross-nation overview. Luxembourg: Publications Office 2018 [Details]

Dealtry, Richard. The Corporate University Blueprint: Making transitions in Lifelong Learning and Development. Birmingham, United Kingdom [Details]

Herrera, Lázaro Moreno; Teräs, Marianne; Gougoulakis, Petros (eds). Emergent Issues in Research on Vocational Education & Training: Volumes 2 and 3. Premissförlag Stockholm 2018 [Volume 2] [Volume 3]

Hooley, Tristram; Sultana, Ronald; Thomsen, Rie. Career Guidance for Emancipation: Reclaiming Justice for the Multitude. Routledge 2018 [Details]#

Jørgensen, C. H.; Olsen, O. J. & Thunqvist , D. P. (eds). Vocational Education in the Nordic Countries: Learning from Diversity. Routledge 2018 [Details]

Kothandaraman, Kumar; Li, Jun; Pilz, Matthias (eds). TVET@Asia: Issue 10: Informal Learning of Vocational Competences and Skills: Theoretical and practical perspectives. Free downloads (2018-01-31) [Details]

Michelsen, S.; Stenström, M-L.. Vocational Education in the Nordic Countries – The Historical Evolution. Routledge 2018 [Details]

Nägele, Christof; Stalder, Barbara E. (eds). Trends in Vocational Education and Training Research. Proceedings of the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER), Vocational Education and Training Network (VETNET). Bolzano, 4 September 2018 [Full text]

Sultana, Ronald G. Enhancing the Quality of Career Guidance in Secondary Schools: A Handbook. Erasmus+: MyFuture. University of Malta. Siena: Pluriversum 2018 [Details]

Teräs, Marianne; Gougoulakis, Petros; Herrera, Lázaro Moreno (eds). Emergent issues in Vocational Education & Training: Voices from cross-national research. Premiss Förlag 2018 [Details]

Vossiek, Janis: Collective Skill Formation in Liberal Market Economies? The Politics of Training Reforms in Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom. 16th volume of the series Studies in Vocational and Continuing Education, edited by Philipp Gonon and Anja Heikkinen. Lang 2018 [Details]

Williamson, Howard; Basarab, Tanya; Coussée, Filip (eds). The history of youth work in Europe, Volume 6 – Youth work and social work – Connections, disconnections and reconnections – The social dimension of youth work in history and today (2018-07-30) [PDF file]


Altbach, Philip G.; Reisberg, Liz; de Wit, Hans (eds). Responding to Massification: Differentiation in Postsecondary Education Worldwide. Springer 2017 [Details]

Chankseliani, M.; Keep, E. & Wilde, S. People and policy: A comparative study of apprenticeship across eight national contexts. WISE Research 2017 [Details]

Egetenmeyer, R. & Fedeli, M. (eds). Adult Education and Work Contexts: International Perspectives and Challenges. Comparative Perspectives from the 2017 Würzburg Winter School. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang 2017 [Details]

Egetenmeyer, R., Schmidt-Lauff, S. & Boffo, V. (eds). Adult Learning and Education in International Contexts: Future Challenges for its Professionalization. Comparative Perspectives from the 2016 Würzburg Winter School. Frankfurt: Peter Lang 2017 [Details]

Kaiser, Franz & Krugmann, Susann (Eds). Social dimension and participation in vocational education and training: Proceedings of the 2nd conference “Crossing Boundaries in VET”. Institut für Berufspädagogik (ibp). Universität Rostock 2017 [Info] [Full text]

Marhuenda, Fernando (ed). Vocational Education beyond Skill Formation: VET between Civic, Industrial and Market Tensions. Peter Lang 2017 [Details]

Hooley, T.; Sultana, R.G. & Thomsen, R. (eds). Career Guidance and Social Justice: Contesting Neoliberalism. Routledge 2017 [Details]

Pilz, Matthias (ed). Vocational Education and Training in Times of Economic Crisis: Lessons from Around the World. Series “Technical and Vocational Education and Training: Issues, Concerns and Prospects”, Vol. 24. Springer 2017 [Details]

Sultana, Ronald G. (ed). Career Guidance and Livelihood Planning Across the Mediterranean: Challenging Transitions in South Europe and the MENA Region. SensePublishers 2017 [Details]


Berner, Esther; Gonon, Philipp. History of Vocational Education and Training in Europe: Cases, concepts and challenges. Series: Studies in Vocational and Continuing Education. Peter Lang 2016 [Details]

Cedefop. Leaving education early: Putting vocational education and training centre stage. Volume I [Link]: investigating causes and extent. Volume II [Link]: evaluating policy impact. Thessaloniki 2016

Mulder, Martin (ed). Competence-based Vocational and Professional Education: Bridging the Worlds of Work and Education. Springer 2016 [Details]

Tran, Ly Thi; Dempsey, Kate (eds). Internationalization in Vocational Education and Training: Transnational Perspectives. Springer, December 2016 [Details]


Bohlinger, Haake, Jørgensen, Toiviainen and Wallo (eds). Working and Learning in Times of Uncertainty. Challenges to Adult, Professional and Vocational Education. Sense Publishers 2015. [Details]

Callahan, Jamie L.; Stewart, Jim; Rigg, Clare; Sambrook, Sally; Trehan, Kiran (eds). Realising Critical HRD: Stories of Reflecting, Voicing, and Enacting Critical Practice. Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2015 [Details]

Carbery, Ronan; Cross, Christine (eds). Human Resource Development: A Concise Introduction. Palgrave Macmillan, April 2015 [Details]

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Filliettaz, L. & Billett, S. (eds). Francophone perspectives on learning through work: Conceptions, traditions and practices. Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands 2015. ISBN 978-
3319186696 [Details]

Heikkinen, Anja & Lassnigg, Lorenz (eds). Myths and Brands in Vocational Education. Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2015 [Details]

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Beattie, R. S. and Waterhouse, J. Human Resource Management in Public Service Organisations. Routledge: London 2014 [Details]

Musekamp, Frank; Spöttl, Georg (eds). National and International Approaches for Assessing Engineering Competence. Peter Lang 2014 [Details]

Pantea, Diroescu and Podlasek-Ziegler (eds). Young people, entrepreneurship and non-formal learning: A work in progress. Brussels: SALTO-Youth Participation 2015 [Full text]

Stewart, Jim; Cureton, Peter (eds). Designing, Delivering and Evaluating L&D: Essentials for Practice. Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development: London 2014 [Details]

Sweet, Richard. Work-based learning: A handbook for policy makers and social partners in ETF partner countries. ETF – European Training Foundation. Turin 2014 [Full text]


Field, John; Burke, Ronald J; Cooper, Cary L (Eds). The Sage Handbook of Aging, Work & Society. Sage Publications Ltd 2013 [Details]

Graf, Lukas. The Hybridization of Vocational Training and Higher Education in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Budrich UniPress, Opladen 2013 [Detais] [Open access]

Helve, Helena; Evans, Karen (eds).Youth and work transitions in changing social landscapes. Tufnell Press, 2013: ISBN 9781872767581, 356 pp. [Info]

Smith, Erica & Kemmis, Ros Brennan. Towards a model apprenticeship framework: A comparative analysis of national apprenticeship systems. New Delhi: ILO 2013 [Info] [Full text]


Matthias Pilz (ed). The Future of Vocational Education and Training in a Changing World. Springer 2012 [Details]

Wilson, John P (ed). International Human Resource Development: Learning, Education and Training for Individuals and Organizations. Kogan Page 2012 [Details]