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Proceedings of the ECER VETNET Conference 2001

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Proceedings papers:

  • Boreham, Nick. Developing ICT capability in higher education in the UK.
  • Boreham, Nick. Methodological issues in the study of organisational learning, with reference to the Framework V Project ORGLEARN.
  • Dif, M’Hamed. Forms and implications of work related identity transformation: Preliminary findings of “FAME” project investigation in the French case.
  • Ecclestone, Kathryn; Field, John. Promoting social capital in a ‘risk society’: A new approach to emancipatory learning or a new moral authoritarianism?
  • Ekström, Erika; Murray, Åsa. The value of a three-year upper secondary vocational edu-cation in the labour market.
  • Evans, Karen. Agency in young adult transitions in England and the new Germany.
  • Evans, Karen. Tacit skills and work inequalities: A UK perspective on tacit forms of key competences, and issues for future research.
  • Field, John. Does training have any history? The enduring influence of behaviourism in Britain, 1940 – 1966.
  • Figari, Gérard; Michaud, Monique; Gautier, Gildas. Training policies valuation in European enterprises by studying the valuation practices/ Comprendre les politiques de formation d’entreprises européennes par l’étude de leurs pratiques d’évaluation.
  • Fischer, Martin. Work process knowledge in the context of socio-technical innovation.
  • Goodwin, John; O’Connor, Henrietta. ‘I couldn’t wait for the day’: Young workers’ reflections on education during the transition to work in the 1960s.
  • Hardy; Marcelle; Ménard, Louise. Typology of work experience: Analysis of the workplace training process in Quebec.
  • Hartkamp, Jannes. Apprenticeship in France, Ireland, the Netherlands and Scotland: Comparisons and trends.
  • Kampmeier, Anke. Gender and qualification: Are gender differences ignored?
  • Loogma, Krista; Joons, Sofia; Vilu, Raivo. From normatively constructed identity to new identities in the contexts of ‘double’ transition processes: The case of Estonia.
  • Marhuenda, Fernando. The consideration of relevant features for the processes of identity formation in current vet policies.
  • Rouhelo, Anne. The hidden labour market of the academic.
  • Sambrook, Sally. Developing a model of factors influencing work-related learning: Findings from two research projects.
  • Stenström, Marja-Leena. Transition from higher vocational education to working life: Different pathways to working life.
  • Treekrem, Arvid. WEPP – The Work Environment Pedagogy Project.
    Vanhoven, Els; Buyens, Dirk. Continuing vocational training in Belgium: An overview.
  • Wolter, Stefan C. Training incidence and job-mobility in Switzerland.
  • Wouters, Karen; Buyens, Dirk; Dewettinck, Koen. The role of HRD in creating opportunities for lifelong learning: empirical study in Belgian organisations.

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