Proceedings 2002

Proceedings of the ECER VETNET Conference 2002

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VETNET Programme 2002

Proceedings papers:

  • [A] [P] Bauer, Waldemar; Przygodda, Karin. The contribution of the German pilot project ‘New Learning Concepts within the Dual Vocational Education and Training System’ towards the development of work process related and competence-based curricula.
  • [A] [P] Billett, Stephen. Vocational curriculum and pedagogy: An activity theory perspective.
  • [A] [P] Dif, M’Hamed. Accreditation of experiential learning in France: Evaluation and perspectives.
  • [A] [P] Ellström, Eva; Ekholm, Bodil. Two work cultures – two learning environments.
  • [A] [P] Fischer, Martin; Röben, Peter. Organisational learning and knowledge sharing: The use, documentation and dissemination of work process knowledge.
  • [A] [P] Gendron, Benedicte. The French APEL system rationale and philosophy: From social promotion to individual survival on the labor market (paper and PowerPoint presentation).
  • [A] [P] Gielen, Patricia M.; Hoeve, Aimée; Nieuwenhuis, Loek F.M. Learning entrepreneurs: Learning and innovation in agricultural SMEs.
  • [A] [P] Griffiths, Toni; Guile, David. A connective model of learning: The implications for work process knowledge.
  • [A] [P] Grollmann, Philipp. Organisation of conditions for professional learning – conditions for the professional organisation of learning: First results form a comparative study on the professional reality of vocational teachers
  • [A] [P] Guest, Graham. Professionals as flexible workers or portfolio people.
  • [A] [P] Halliday, John; Hager, Paul. A theory of informal learning at work: Implications for VET.
  • [A] [P] Heidegger, Gerald; Kampmeier, Anke; Niemeyer, Beatrix. Gender specific key qualifications for working life.
  • [A] [P] Juceviciene, Palmira. Learning organisation in a pre-accession country: Vision or reality?
  • [A] [P] Kauppi, Antti; Peisa, Seppo; Torvinen, Liisa; Valkama, Hannu. Challenges for research in vocational higher education.
  • [A] [P] Lahn, Leif. Competence and learning in late career. European perspectives on the management of motivation.
  • [A] [P] Lasonen, Johanna. Internationalisation of vocational education: A case of a music teacher becoming multicultural.
  • [A] [P] Lindell, Mats. Flexibility within vocational education and training in Sweden: The case of advanced vocational education.
  • [A] [P] Marhuenda, Fernando. Vocational identity and working conditions in the sector of tourism: Teaching and negotiating identities: Relations among the views of employers, employees, teachers and students.
  • [A] [P] Marhuenda, Fernando et al. Research workshop: Methodological debates in research on vocational identities.
  • [A] [P] Martínez, Ignacio. Vocational identity and working conditions in the sector of tourism: The views of employers and employees.
  • [A] [P] Martínez, Ignacio; Marhuenda, Fernando; Ros, Alicia; Navas, Almudena. Vocational identities in the sector of tourism (PowerPoint presentation).
  • [A] [P] Navas, Almudena; Arroyo, Ruht. Vocational identity and working conditions in the sector of tourism: Today VET students, workers of tomorrow.
  • [A] [P] Niemeyer, Beatrix; Cranmer, Sue; Neunaber, Inka; Laamminpaa, Eeva. Engage to learn: Situated learning for social and professional integration.
  • [A] [P] Nyhan, Barry; Cressey, Peter; Tomassini, Massimo; Kelleher, Michael; Poell, Rob. European perspectives on organisational innovation and learning.
  • [A] [P] Ros, Alicia. Vocational identity and working conditions in the sector of tourism: The views of vocational education teachers.
  • [A] [P] Salvà Mut, Francesca; Oliver Trobat, Miquel F.; Casero Martínez, Antonio; Melià Barceló, Maria Agnès; Nadal Cavaller, Joan. Evaluation training schemes for the hard-to-place.
  • [A] [P] Shepherd, Jan; Saxby-Smith, Sue. Overcoming barriers to employment for women.
  • [A] [P] Stenström, Marja-Leena. Educational motivation among adult students over 40.
  • [A] [P] Stewart, Jim; Knowles, Vanessa. Mentoring in undergraduate business management programmes.
  • [A] [P] Winterton, Jonathan. Integrating work and learning in organisations.


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