Proceedings 2016

Proceedings of the ECER VETNET Conference 2016

Papers presented as part of  the VETNET programme for ECER 2016 in Dublin (22 to 26 August 2016)

Nägele, Christof; Stalder, Barbara; Gessler, Michael; Malloch, Marg; Manning, Sabine (Eds.) 

This set of papers is related to the VETNET Programme for ECER 2016 (see EERA website). The list below includes the full-text papers submitted by the authors for the Proceedings. 

NEW: The links in front of the papers lead to the documents available for downloading in the Dropbox folder VETNET 2016: Texte [=P]/ Präsentationen [=PDF].

Proceedings papers:

[P] [PDF] Benedek, András; Molnár, György. New content management in VET. 

[P] Deitmer, Ludger; Heinemann, Lars; Müller, Werner. Building Information Modelling (BIM) and its implications on professional skills of construction workers.

[P] DIF, M’Hamed. On the development and performance of Apprenticeship-type schemes within the French vocational alternating training system. 

[P] Duemmler, Kerstin; Felder, Alexandra; Caprani, Isabelle. Flexibility and autonomy demands: Retail apprentices’ sense-making and professional identities.

[P] Hiim, Hilde; Stålhane, Jan. Vocational teachers as researchers: A didactic approach to Action Research in a curriculum development project in VET. 

[File] Hughes, Lewis.  SNAPSHOT – Research approach and activity. Expanding the utility of Activity Theory – The ‘HINGE’. VET teachers researching and/or drawing upon research.

[P] Schwencke, Eva. Future-Creating Workshop in enhancing relevant vocational and professional education.

[P] Taylor, Alison. From “skills shortage” to “skills mismatch”: Rethinking Canadian vocational education.

[P] [PDF] Tyson, Ruhi. Reflections on vocational Bildung didactics in vocational teacher education: Two case studies.

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