Overview of projects on cross-European issues in VET and HRD research

Projects related to research in vocational education and training (VET) and human resource development (HRD),
with a focus on transnational issues across Europe

The project infos below are arranged by final year, including the following details:
Acronym (+website) [EU programme]. Theme. Coordinator. Contact (+ email address)


GetInvolved [ERASMUS+] Supporting Democracy and Citizenship in VET – strategic partnership. 3s research laboratory, Austria. Contact: Monika Auzinger:

LS4VET [Erasmus+] Lesson Study for VET –  Teachers’ collaboration for Improving the Quality of Vocational Education and Training – strategic partnership. Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary. Contact: Eszter Bükki,


EXPECT [ERASMUS+] Exchanges of Practices in Education for Climate Targets – peer learning project. 3s research laboratory, Austria. Contact: Tanja Bacher:

HoWARP [ERASMUS+] Action-oriented continuing education at the workplace. Sustainum – Institue for Sustainable Management (Berlin). Contact: Julia Fellinger <>

TAB4BUILDING [ERASMUS+] Training for architects and construction workers on the use of composites in the construction sector. 3s research laboratory, Austria. Contact: Sigrid Mannsberger-Nindl:


BUILT [UNESCO-UNEVOC] Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET. Contact: BIBB/ Vera Hark

CIM [ERASMUS+] Creativity and Innovation Management. Contact: German Institute for Adult Education/ Susanne Lattke [Horizon 2020] Global Mobility of Employees. University of Bamberg/ Maike Andresen; Cordula Barzantny

TACCLE AI [ERASMUS+] Improving the Skills and Competences of VET teachers and trainers in the age of Artificial Intelligence. Institute Technology and Education (ITB) – Contact: Sophia Roppertz


DASCHE [Erasmus+] Development, assessment and validation of social competences in higher education. Contact: Kristina Kühn <> 

OnTrack [ERASMUS+] Tracking system for graduates of vocational education and training. Technical University of Kosice (TUKE), Slovakia.Contact: Stefan Humpl <>  

TaccleVET [Erasmus+] Extend European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators for VET teachers and trainers. Aliende in Portugal. Contact: Graham Attwell <> # Taccle4 CPD + Showcase

TRACK-VET [Erasmus+] Developing, assessing and validating key cross-cutting competences in formal initial and continuing VET. Warsaw School of Economics. Contact: Info c/o Céreq #


CYCLE [Erasmus+] Developing professional skills for the circular economy. Dramblys (Spain) Contact: Lina Klemkaite#

EffectVPL [ERASMUS+] Effectiveness of Validation of Prior Non-formal and Informal Learning. University of Bremen; Center for Labour and Political Education/ Contact: Franziska Laudenbach#

ENLIVEN [Horizon 2020] Encouraging Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive and Vibrant Europe. The University of Nottingham, UK/ John Holford; Ellen Boeren#

E.Q.U.A.L [EaSI] Enhancing Qualification of Adult Learners through the implementation of Upskilling pathways. INAPP (Italy) Contact: #

GoodVET  [ERASMUS+] Indicators of Good VET practice for refugees. University of Cologne in Germany c/o Junmin Li#

MIA [Info] Media In Action: Educator training in media literacy and storytelling. Pontydysgu (Wales UK) via Angela Gerrard#


DEMAL Designing, Monitoring and Evaluating Adult Learning Classes – Supporting Quality in Adult Learning. German Institute for Adult Education Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning/ Susanne Lattke#

EmployID [FP7] Supporting learning innovation in European Public Employment Services. Centre for Social Innovation – ZSI (Austria)/ Barbara Kieslinger#

FAME [Erasmus+] Family Business Sustainability and Growth. Budapest Business School. Contact: David Devins#

GreenSkills4VET [] Teaching tools to improve vocational training programmes in sustainable development.  University of Osnabrueck/ Germany.

InnoVal [ERASMUS+] Innovative Assessment Methods for Validation. LifeLong Learning Platform

MOVE Mapping mobility – pathways, institutions and structural effects of youth mobility in Europe. Université de Luxembourg/ >Contact#

NQF-IN Developing organisational and financial models for including non-formal sector qualifications in National Qualifications Frameworks. Educational Research Institute, Poland#

Replay-Vet [ERASMUS+] Strengthening key competencies of low-skilled people in VET to cover future replacement positions. PROSPEKTIKER (Spain)#

VET4LEC [] Inclusive VET for low energy construction. University of Westminster Contact:


ComProCom [ERAMUS+] Communicating Professional Competence. EETAA – Hellenic Agency for Local Development and Local Government S.A. (Greece)/ Contact: Jola Religa#

EDUWORKS [FP7] Crossing borders in the comprehensive investigation of labour market matching processes: An EU-wide, trans-disciplinary, multilevel and science-practice-bridging training network. University of Amsterdam (NL)/ Kea Tijdens; Gábor Kismihók. Contact:

EMPLOY [ERASMUS+] Enhancing the Employability of Non-Traditional Students in HE. University of Warwick./ Coord.: Barbara Merrill#

ReCall [ERASMUS+] Retail Sector Competencies for all Teachers. University of Cologne (Germany)/ Matthias Pilz; Christian Hofmeister#

TITA Team cooperation to fight early school leaving: Training, Innovative, Tools and Actions. Céreq/ Dominique Maillard#